I Don’t Need To See It To Know It Sucks: Drive Angry

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If you haven’t already been in line for the past week to see this gem then you’re shit out of luck because the crowd isn’t going to die for months!

No seriously, it’s going to suck. We’re talking Bangkok Dangerous levels of sucking. While I’m on it, can anyone exactly pinpoint when Nic Cage decided to go off the deep end of shit movies? He had some decent movies back in the day. My guess is that it was sometime around Face Off. If someone can get back to me on that I’d appreciate it.I’ll give you some of his wigs I won in his foreclosure auction.

Anyways, Drive Angry is basically  Ghost Rider with a car and less jokes about heads being on fire. In the trailer it seems like Nic Cage escaped from hell at some point to avenge the murder of his daughter and reclaim his granddaughter from the gang that stole her. Really? Where does Cage plan on keeping his granddaughter when he gets her back? He’s from hell. One way or another this little girl’s life is going to be shit. To top it off, Satan wants Nic Cage back (take him). So while he’s battling this gang of kidnappers/possible devil worshipers he’s being pursued by Satan’s minion, That Guy Who Has Been In Tons of Movies Without Anyone Knowing His Name. And in an unheard plot twist that has NEVER happened in films, Cage forms a bond with a young, beautiful blond woman who helps him in his fight. But the best part of this sure to be shitfest is that Nic Cage has bleached blond hair! He looks like a sadder shell of Hulk Hogan.

The current ranking on Rotten Tomatoes is at 47% with 67% of fans liking the film. Really? Who voted in this? Was it Nic Cage? It can’t be this high unless you are incredibly high. I remember when Nic Cage was cool. I’ve blocked out the Nic Cage who’s been broke and buying multi-million dollar pyramids to be buried in. This needs to stop. He needs to do one more good movie and walk away. That’s it. Just stop it. Call it a life and hang out with your weird son and Lise Marie Presley or whoever he’s married to now.

One last thing, can trailers stop advertising movies as being in 3D? They all are. When The Kings Speech is in 3D it’s time to stop it.


What Happens Now: Knicks, Nuggets, and Nets Edition

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With the long awaited Carmelo Anthony to Knicks deal finally going through the future of two, and potentially three, teams have changed drastically. Without a long winded introduction (because lord knows ESPN, MSG, and every sports network has done that) here’s what the future could look like for the Knicks, Nuggets, and Nets:

1. Knicks:

Without a doubt the trade for Carmelo Anthony had to be done. Whether or not Donnie Walsh and Mike D’Antoni truly wanted Melo or not means nothing. For the short term sake of the team and city city this deal NEEDED to be done. And while the obvious excitement is over Melo the Knicks also added a great PG in Chauncey Billups and his eight appearances in NBA conference finals. The likely lineup for Wednesday’s Knick squad will consist of: Billups, Landry Fields, Anthony, Amare Stoudemire, and Ronny Turiaf. That isn’t a championship lineup but in a year it very well could be. Walsh has said the team will try to make one more move to secure a center because right now with a depleted bench Turiaf will have to take on a heavy workload and he is not capable of doing that. The Knicks might end up pursuing Chris Paul or even Deron Williams, but I don’t see that happening until Billups contract runs out. Not only can he properly lead a team but he can also teach the immensely talented Fields in becoming a strong presence on the court. This season the Knicks could end up in the sixth or even fifth spot. If they can secure a center and a little depth in their bench the future looks very bright for the Knicks, as long as Isiah can stay out of the mix.

2. Nuggets:

Denver’s GM Masai Ujiri is doing things Rex Chapman never did as GM, build on expiring contracts and draft picks. As seen with teams like the Sonics/Thunder a solid year or two of draft picks can turn a team around very quickly. With young talent such as Mozgov and a healthy Wilson Chandler mixed in with Ty Lawson and Raymond Felton this team has a solid young base with a proven coach that knows how to breed success. With many contracts coming off the books the Nuggets can secure a quality free agent or a few solid bench contributors to make this team solid. The team took a step back this season but has potential to turn it around very quickly. The only question is who wants to play in Denver. As it became clear this past off season a team needs two things to attract a big player: talent they want to be around and a desirable location. Just ask Cleveland if they had their roster in L.A or New York or even Dallas what would have happened. LeBron most likely would’ve kept his talents put while Wade and Bosh flocked to him. Denver has potential talent but not everyone wants to be in a cold climate even if talent is there. Either way, the future could still bode very well for the Nuggets through the draft.

3. Nets:

Strike two for Mikhail Prokhorov and minority owner Jay-Z. After whiffing on LeBron and many other top talents the team thought they could convince Melo to realize that Brooklyn isn’t a bad place to be. Yet, nothing they did could sway him. Now the only hope is that the rumored deal they have with Denver to exchange some draft picks for Danilo Gallinari and maybe Mozgov or another player in the deal. But with the rumors that the Clippers, Wolves, and Raptors are getting involved that isn’t even a guarantee. If they miss out on this then that is strike three and it’s high time for the Nets to already reevaluate their approach to getting players on their team. Prokhorov has proven he can turn teams around, but this is the NBA and it takes a lot to convince people to put on a Nets jersey. Also, they will need to do tons of damage control to rebuild the morale of that team since almost half the roster has been rumored to move since the beginning of the season. My recommendation to start? Package a draft pick and Troy Murphy’s expiring contract to land Danillo and anything else to they can get to add depth to the bench. 

Top Five Stories of the 2010 – 2011 NFL Season

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5. The Titans and Jeff Fisher Go Their Separate Ways

At the end of this season it was clear that Titan’s owner Bud Adams had to choose whether he would side with his 16 year long coach or the quarterback he has invested so much into these past years. What no one was expecting was to see both of them leave. Before the end of the season the writing on the wall had been clear that Vince Young was on his way out of music city, but when Jeff Fisher and the Titans decided to part after the usual coaching carousel drama had died down it was very surprising to many in the NFL and the fans. Albeit that Fisher had just a 5-6 record in the playoffs he had been known as a never say die, “there’s always a way to comeback” style of coach. After a short search the Titans decided to stay in house and hire a Fisher assistant coach that will keep at least some of the mentality instilled over Fisher’s time as the leader of the Oilers/Titans. And now Fisher joins Bill Cowher as the debate over which big coach comes back first.

4. Rex Ryan and Jets

Love them or hate them, the playoffs and the Jets proved that you need to respect them. Ryan brought his brash style and fierce defensive attitude to a team that needed a huge injection of it two years ago. Since taking over he has overcome the off-field distractions (created by his players and his YouTube videos) to reach the AFC Championship in two straight seasons. Just looking at their play on field, and energy off it, it became clear that this team was going to be a handful week in and week out. The Gang Green fans had a new level of love for their team that hasn’t been reached in years. And for everyone else, the battles between the Patriots and them became a battle of two of the most hated teams in the NFL, which always proves for great entertainment.

3. The End of the Brett Favre Era

A year before Brett Favre could have walked away, finally, with his head held high and a season that almost ended in a Super Bowl appearance. Instead, his buddies in purple convinced a half-hearted Favre that they needed him for one last run. What resulted was one of the saddest seasons anyone has had the misfortune of watching. With their roof being a metaphor for the season, Favre caved in under the pressure. The pressure of his streak, his team’s high expectations, and the pressure to retire on top. Instead, it ended in such an un-Favre-like way with him lying on the frozen ground of a college stadium unable to go anymore. Still a Hall of Famer, Favre’s legacy has been tarnished. And just like the texts he sent to Jen Sterger while he was on the Jets, I bet he wished he hadn’t phoned this one in.

2. The Year of Redemptions

Three players come to mind during this time. The obvious is Michael Vick. The feel good story of the man who made everyone feel disgusted a few years ago had completed its 180 degree turn well before receiving the NFL’s Comeback Player of the Year award this week. His work in the community and with the Humane Society provided a story that made people realize that every once in a while a person can be rehabilitated. His hubris was finally put in check by the likes of Tony Dungy and Andy Reid. Secondly, Ben Roethlisberger was on the road to redeeming his name in the eyes of the public from his second sexual assault investigation in two years. Unlike Vick, Roethlisberger is still a ways away from winning over the non-Steelers fans. In fact, even a lot of the fans of the black and yellow still are leery about pulling for him. Regardless, Big Ben is still trying to move forward.

And the last redemption to happen this season came this Sunday with Aaron Rodgers finishing off any doubters that he wasn’t the right choice as the heir apparent to Brett Favre. Any criticism that was hurled his way all season was put to a silence. His tenacity, leadership, and ability to fight through the pain were on display all season. Overcoming two concussions and countless injuries to his supporting crew, Rodgers carried on led Green Bay back to the title that was so aptly named for their beloved former coach.

1. Player Safety and the New CBA

Just like Rodgers, countless players received concussions and the pressure has begun to mount on the NFL to increase safety across the board. New rules came into effect immediately. These measures led to players and fans complaining about the play of the game with some insinuating that the integrity of the game had been damaged. Players such as Steelers’ linebacker James Harrison were fined countless times to the point he threatened to retire from the game.

While this problem is being addressed the NFL wants to add two new games to the schedule. So while injuries are a prime concern, players may be facing longer seasons and a hire likelihood of being hurt and having their careers shortened. These two issues will be key issues in the on going battle over the new collective bargaining agreement, and if something isn’t reached soon the Packers off-season to recover from the championship celebrating might be a whole lot longer.

Giving Credit Where It’s Due: Hall & Oates Impact On the New Generation of Music

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McCoy’s Tribute

When their platinum selling sophomore album Abandoned Luncheonette came out in 1973 Daryl Hall and John Oates were lacking something they finally now have in the music industry after all these years: respect. For a long time it wasn’t cool to like the Philadelphia soul men and their “yacht rock” sound. At the time of their rise to stardom the charts were dominated by rock music. Bands like Aerosmith, KISS, and AC/DC were tearing up the charts, and it wasn’t cool to have songs like “She’s Gone” playing from your record player. Even though now Abandoned Luncheonette has received the credit it is due, in 1973 it only reached #33 on the billboard charts. Amazingly it took their eleventh album in 1981, Private Eyes, to finally crack the top ten (#5 in the US). Throughout this time the group has had their loyal fan base, but never the credit that was due to them.

Yet somewhere between now and then things started to change and Hall & Oates became the cool band to mention as an inspiration in the music scene. Maybe they were just ahead of their time. Or maybe it’s the fact that these musicians respect fellow musicians that are willing to take risks and buck the status quo and create their own path. That’s why musicians such as Travis McCoy of rock meets hip hop group Gym Class Heroes has shouted the band out in constant interviews and concerts as one of the key inspirations in his own musical career. In fact, McCoy went as far as tattooing the group’s faces on his hands (Pictured above)! Another band is the electro-funk duo of Chromeo, who have been likened by many as something of a Hall & Oates 2.0. Chromeo’s synth meets smooth vocals has won an overwhelming level of support in the independent scene and have been recognized as one of the best live shows around, something very similar to the Philadelphia twosome.

And this new generation of musical love is not falling on deaf ears. Daryl Hall has been doing a monthly free web show since late 2007 called Live From Daryl’s House where he jams with many of these bands who have shown their admiration for the duo. From month to month you can view Hall play with McCoy or Chromeo or  other artists that range from Patrick Stump (Fall Out Boy) to Train to his most recent guest Guster. And this just isn’t a Hall & Oates love-fest. Although a lot of the songs played during the session are Hall & Oates originals there is a lot of fun in seeing Hall contribute to Chromeo’s “Tenderoni” and Fall Out Boy’s “I Don’t Care.” And one of the real treats for fans is the occasional show where Oates is the guest and the band is back playing another set.

Now in their early sixties the group is seeing a revitalized level of attention with the new generation of fans praising them and seeing their music in films such as 2009’s (500) Days of Summer. Recently they were named the 99th best band of all time in VH1’s countdown. While all of this is going on the group continues to tour around the world and seem to be grateful of the respect that they are finally getting from the industry they’ve spent years working in.

The Black Lung of Atlantic City and The Grip On It’s Employees

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Get Excited

Atlantic City, NJ is teetering on the verge of going up in smoke. The days of the Boardwalk Empire are gone, but with the addition of online gambling and the building of two new casinos the city could be seeing a revival of sorts. A revival that local writer Roger Gros likened to the revival Miami Beach went through since his visit in the early 1990s. He mentions that any town with a beach and a vibrant street lining the ocean can survive. That is, if everyone invested is committed to this change. The boardwalk may start to get friendlier due to the state stepping in with a newly implemented state-ran tourism district. And the greatest sign for the city could be the restarting of the once highly anticipated, now half-built “just get it done” Revel boardwalk casino that has been stalled since the laying off of 400 workers in April 2009. Aside from the casinos, non-gaming attractions have been popping up for years and continue to come up in the city creating new jobs and potentially income generating venues for the city. While these are all signs of hope and revival for the city I grew up near, there are glaring needs that need to be addressed to improve the lives of the people in the city- the people who keep these venues going. Mainly, the people in the casinos who have been locked into a career that has well beyond subpar health conditions for all of their workers. Yet, some of the stakeholders are invested in keeping these conditions in the status quo.

Not counting the casinos that are in process of being built, there are eleven casinos within the city. Atlantic City ranks third in the world for gaming destinations based upon revenue. Yet, when almost half of the states in the United States, twenty-four to be exact, currently mandate 100% smokefree nontribal gaming venues the elephant in the room of Atlantic City becomes clearer: why hasn’t the city joined when the rest of the state has become smokefree? Although the city has ran ten years of profitable nonsmoking poker rooms, casinos still remain at a 25% smoking in their venues. On October 15th, 2008 the city went with a full-on smokefree environment only to see the current 25% ordinance be set in place soon after. Yet, during the short time of smokefree casinos there were no reported problems and profits were reported at slightly higher rate than what there was the year before. What creates a problem is that the 25% of smoking shares space right next to nonsmoking tables and alternating rows of slots are smoking and nonsmoking. This intermingling of the two creates a blanket of smoke covering more than just 25%. In some circumstances that the two areas are separate, it is still not a hard task for smoke to rise through vents, atriums, and escalators to reach the smokefree areas. Thus, leaving players and employees still breathing in the smoke. Employees are suggested to enforce the rules about smoking at their tables, but management in many of the casinos have been known to have their employees turn a blind eye or potentially face the consequences of being written up or fired. Furthermore, the dealers aren’t even allowed to wave smoke away while at the table, forcing them to inhale the smoke against their will. If they do wave the smoke away they are once again at risk to be written up for their insubordination. Basically, dealers are forced to inhale smoke or potentially be left searching for new employment.

While there are some who will say that these workers choose to stay in this profession there are facts that may suggest that these employees do not only have limited options, but might even be handcuffed to the positions that they are in. Unemployment rates are still in the high single digits to as high as the low-teens in the area. The idea for many of these life long Islanders to move out of the area is only a last ditch option, but it is becoming a more viable option as the years go on. They must stay in the casinos due to the lack of positions elsewhere in the area. While most of the higher paying careers are justly catered to those who have earned degrees in those fields, the pickings are slim for the others looking for work. A quick search of online job sites such as Indeed.com yield results that are more suited for a college student than a family provider looking to support their family. Positions such as “Front Desk Agent (Part-time)”, “Valet Parker”, “Cashier”, and other “General Crew” variety jobs vastly outweigh the full-time jobs. That is not to scoff at those positions and the people working hard at them. Rather, this is just a claim that those positions cannot support a family these days. Therefore, the casinos remain the most dominant work provider. Whether it’s on the casino floor, the bars, or hotels the conditions are not up to the standards other states have laid out for their venues and casinos. In recent years many employees have taken to the idea of going to casinos in other states, choosing to stay in the career but escape the air of Atlantic Cit. Yet, as many of these employees have several generations invested into this community they just can’t see themselves uprooting their families lives to pursue this venture.

While the state has banned smoking in virtually every public building, casino employees remain subject to contracting the “Atlantic City Black Lung” whether they like it or not. When workers who have never smoked a day in their lives are contracting lung cancer there is a time to reevaluate the safety of their environments. At this point, the job market is not even close to booming and many are stuck doing what they are doing or suffer the potential wrath of unemployment. It’s time that one less concern is taken off their minds by returning to them their health and safety for a hard day’s work.

What Can Be Learned From the Arizona Shootings: A Look at Free Speech and Social Awareness

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Christina-Taylor Green is dead.  A nine year old girl has been shot dead. She and twelve others were shot senselessly by a deranged Jared Lee Loughner in an attempt to kill Rep. Gabrielle Giffords during an event in an Arizona supermarket.  This has been made very clear in the media already, but what isn’t known for certain is Loughner’s clear justification for his heinous actions.  Although a listed Independent, many are attributing these  actions to Loughner’s views of politics mixed with insanity. While it is too early to fully place blame on any group, it is hard to not lob blame in the camp of one of America’s favorite targets in the past few years: Sarah Palin.  This time it is justified.  A few months ago the Palin camp put Giffords on an image with nineteen other democrats in tight elections who had voted for health care reform.  What has made this image so sickening is that the Palin camp didn’t use dots or exclamation points to mark the areas of these contested battles.  They were marked with sniper scopes.  Furthermore, the Palin camp used phrases that encouraged their supporters not to retreat, but to “reload.” And now, one has officially been targeted.  And six others lay dead.

The map that may have inspired Loughner

Again, this isn’t to place full blame on the Palin camp as there are signs of severe mental problems in Loughner leading to the shooting.  Yet, this incident needs to be an example for everyone.  Democrat, Republican, Independent, and everyone else need to align and recognize that our words and actions can affect people in grave ways.  This is a lesson we are taught when we are young, but somehow it gets lost in the political arena.   It isn’t such a stretch to say that if the word choice of politicians were chosen in a more appropriate manner that the easily influenced, such as Loughner, would be less likely swayed towards these actions.  The combinations of a term such as “reload” and the use of sniper sights should never be used in such a haphazardly way.  Especially while placing focus on opponents that are loved and hated by so many individuals.  And this is a hope that this was done in a haphazardly way rather than a deliberate act.  At this point I will give the Palin camp enough credit in hopes that this was done in the way most things Palin have been done: stupid.   Sarah Palin has made herself into a marketable caricature that is more inclined to slap her name on anything that can turn a profit.  Yet, she still comments incessantly on political issues and makes ignorant comments that rile up her supporters and detractors at the same time while she bids for more power in the 2012 elections.  People like this need to be aware of their actions, and hopefully this incident can be a turning, and learning, point for public figures.  Whether their actions were in direct correlation with this incident or not they must learn to choose their words wisely and begin to work in a better manner towards resolving their issues.  If this does not happen then we will be seeing more of what we have been fighting for years: homeland terrorism.

Although the First Amendment allows us to speak freely at any given time there needs to be limits that are either set by the individual or the people around them.  It is time to set aside the threats and childish insults thrown across the aisle and realize that we must reach out and resolve our issues in a much more constructive way.  In no way is a peaceful utopia being sought.  That is too far out of reach at this point.  Rather, an adult, agenda-free political direction is being hoped for.  One that doesn’t put the lives of leaders in danger.  One that recognizes the differences and works through them like a nation that is encouraging other nations to do the same.  And one that doesn’t breed terrorism and the deaths of more innocent individuals.   All of this done in hopes that there will not be another Gabrielle Giffords, Christina-Taylor Green, or any of the other individuals that day.

It is time that we all learn and grow.

Tiger Isn’t the Only One Missing: Come Back Kanye!

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While the world watched for thirteen minutes as Tiger Woods discussed his recent problems with infidelity, in such a scripted manner, it became clear that America has forgotten who really needs to comeback to save their scene.  Kanye West needs to come back as badly as the economy does.  Although the debate continues over who is the best in hip-hop today, Tiger is the clear-cut leader of the golf game.  Ratings are down, and one of the biggest names in the world has been M.I.A.  Problem is, when he returns, not much will change besides the ratings and the chances of wining will be greatly reduced for everyone else.  Everything else will stay the same. Tiger is too clean cut.  Even though he will be remembered as a sex addict from here on out, bank on the fact that Tiger will do everything he can to be the exact same person he was before this all broke.   He’ll be PR protected and walking with a tighter ass then a 110 pound kid fresh in prison. When he does return and finally win big the sports world will talk, but those outside of the sports world will hardly bat an eye.  When Kanye returns and does his first big thing, everyone will talk.  Fans, critics, pop culture fanatics, pundits, and almost every comedian looking to crack an easy joke or create a new meme will converge on the scene like a car accident in a suburban cul-de-sac.

To keep the comparisons sports related a little bit longer, Kanye isn’t LeBron or Kobe.  Jay-Z is both of them, combined, in hip-hop.  But that doesn’t mean Kanye is Adam Morrison.  Imagine a season where Dwyane Wade is out for the season.  The game takes a big hit.  One of the premiere players goes down and soon uprisings of above average players start getting called all-stars to keep the fans tuned in.  It’s a common practice to try and fill the voids.  Just look back at all the flash in the pan artists that tried coming out when Eminem and Jay-Z were away.  Ever since Swift-gate 2009 happened hip-hop has been trying to do this. There are a lot of talented young stars ready to rise to prominence.  Yet, none of them are Kanye West.  He transcends hip-hop and ventures into pop culture.  He’s not on the Tiger level, but he sure is close.

The world was shocked to hear Tiger had these skeletons in his closet.  So it was expected that he go away and try to better himself and rehabilitate.  No one should have been shocked that Kanye got on stage and did his rant in support Beyonce.  He has a track record of doing things like this for years.  To hell with modesty, Kanye tells it like it is!   In 2006 he said he’d have a problem if he didn’t win a Grammy after all the hard work he put in.  In 2007 at the Europe Music Awards he interrupted the group Justice for accepting their award because he thought he deserved it more.  He even tried to calm Justice down by saying it wasn’t about them because he never saw their video.  He was merely stating that when he loses, the show loses.  Dick move?  Yes.  Totally incorrect?  Maybe.  But just like Manny Ramirez, it’s just another case of Kanye being Kanye.  And eventhough it was an incredibly dickish move to go after innocent Taylor Swfit, it helped launch her into the next level of fame.  I’d go as far to say Kanye pulling that stunt was the best thing to ever happen to Taylor Swift’s career.  She went from country darling to America’s wounded sweetheart in one night.  Add to the fact that Kanye’s act pressured Beyonce to turn the mic back over to Swift when Single Ladies did win video of the year further putting Kanye in the villain role.  By the end of the night people were rallying around Swift and distancing themselves as quick as they could from Kanye.

When Kanye acts, the landscape changes.  In hockey when a team needs a shakeup they send in the enforcer.  They are the game changers.  They knock around some people, cause fights and let the competition know they are there win or lose.  He may not look like it, but Kanye is that guy.  Not everyone loved his direction with 808’s and Heartbreak, but he singlehandedly took autotune to a whole new level and killed it all on the same disc!  After its release no one outside of T-Pain could make an autotune track without realizing Kanye had already bested them.  Then to boot, he and Jay-Z created The Death of Autotune.  This is the same game changer who stood up to the then-dominant 50 Cent and dropped him like a baby on MTV’s 16 and Pregnant.  He’s stood up to hip-hop’s views on the gay community and broke the clothing stereotype of the industry.  He takes the status quo and tosses it out the window whether the scene likes it or not.  The only person who can do this aside from him is Lady Gaga,.  Coincidentally, they almost went on tour together before the VMA incident.  It’s amazing how this all ties in.  It’s like an episode of Lost.

Just like in our personal lives, our entertainment needs an asshole in it.  The asshole is the one doing things that get us talking the next morning.  He’s the drunk guy who defends his friend against someone who wasn’t picking a fight with them in the first place.   Sure, not every situation needs an asshole.  They’re not usually the brain trust that should be speaking on behalf of the room, but they do it anyways.  For eight years the US had an asshole running the country.  He picked fights with people who didn’t need to be dealt with, he spoke stupidly on a constant stream, and he may or may not have done a lot of coke on vacation when there was work to be done.  Pop culture isn’t the government and we like having a good asshole to loudly root against, and quietly root for.  When he said that George Bush didn’t care about black people, he might have been right.  He was saying what a lot of people were thinking.  Just like your asshole friend in college, Kanye picked out the elephant in the room and brought it to our attention.   Mike Meyers face summed up the general reaction most of us have when the asshole in our life does the same thing at an office party when he calls the boss a hypocrite. Who else is doing that now?  As earlier stated, Lady Gaga is a game changer.  Unlike her, Kanye doesn’t plan it out.  Gaga plans her moves.  Kanye is off the cuff in his asshole moves.  And just like your friend, he can somehow justify his actions.  When he’s drunk he’ll apologize and say he did wrong, but he’ll still justify with some ounce of reason in him.  And although all proper wisdom says you should turn a deaf ear to this guy, you somehow can’t because you know life isn’t as fun without them in it.

As 2010 is about to be one-sixth of the way done without a Kanye shakeup, here’s to hoping his return is soon.  Rumors swirl that he is finishing up an old-school, back to basics style fifth album that will drop sometime this year.  When he returns let’s hope that he goes back to launching the attacks he needs to do.  Please stay away from the pop stars, Kanye.  Instead, go back after the weak MCs who need to get woken up.  Maybe even branch out and go after Hollywood.  A Kanye versus Brad Pitt incident would get the public talking.  Kanye is the variable that music has been missing since September of 2009.  When he returns he’ll most likely act contrite and say he has turned over a new leaf.  Unlike like his sound, though, he can’t change his attitude and who he is.  He is the asshole we love to hate.  He makes great music, and keeps the likes of MTV and TMZ working in overdrive.  So Tiger Woods, get your family back in shape and take time to recover.  Golf will be ok without you; music and pop culture aren’t the same without Mr. West.

Until this day, enjoy some of his past actions below.